1 Reason Why Some Marketing “Gurus” Succeed More Than Their Followers…

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Dec 13

Why is that the same marketing systems often work WAY better for gurus than the followers they teach these systems too?

To be fair, they may have multiple advantages…

Having a large ads budget, better systems, a bigger team, and a more proven offer, etc…

But there’s another key element here.

One that, despite how large of an ads budget you have, how big a team you assemble, and how many systems you create, that without it, you’ll always be missing that one key ingredient…

What is it?


There’s a saying that goes something like…

“Sometimes a better brand is better than having a better product”.

It’s true a lot of the time…

As humans, we’re social creatures.

We tend to buy from those we know, like, and trust.

Those we look up to…

Those who’s message and stories we resonate with most…

Yes we look at things logically, we evaluate products and offers, and those are all very important parts of the purchase decision making process.

But when all things are equal, its branding that can set your business apart.

Look, I’m no branding expert.

But as an Ads Manager & Funnel consultant, I have to recognize the key ingredients that go into creating profitable funnels and successful ads campaign.

Earlier this week I wrote posts about having a concise business model, conducting market research, and crafting offers that convert.

Well…branding is the last piece of that “business planning pie”.

It’s the thing that can help you avoid creating ads and funnels that have the personality of a doorknob.

Done right, you’ll have a brand purpose, brand story, brand personality, and brand values that inspire your audience and create a sense of togetherness with them.

At the very least, it can help you clarify your position in the market, and create a consistent visual experience throughout your marketing campaigns.

So this is why “Position Your Brand for Success” is the 4th course inside Ads Alliance and the final piece of the business planning stage before moving onto mapping out your funnel strategy.

When you have clarity around your business model, your market & your customer, your offer ANDDDDDD… your brand, you have the right elements in place to create a highly compelling funnel that gets results.


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Over the past 6 years I’ve built dozens of websites, managed close to $1M in online ads, and helped shape the online marketing strategies of hundreds of small businesses.