About Us

Message From The Founder

Hey, James Vannelli Here, I’m an online marketer with close to a decade of experience working with hundreds of small businesses in a variety of different industries.

I’ve built dozens of websites from the ground up, have managed close to $1M in online ad spend on multiple ad networks, and have extensive experience working with analytics and marketing automation software. I'm also university educated, and hold multiple marketing certifications.

My current focus is helping online businesses and agencies systematically scale their online ads. If you fit that description, I’d love to chat about how I can help you. 

James Vannelli

Founder, Transformational Marketer

James Vannelli

Our Team

We’re a small 2.5 person shop based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I handle most of the work personally with the help and feedback of my partner, Newinia Kellermann, an experienced e-commerce marketer with several years experience working for a billion dollar retail brand. 

Our assistant, Tina Hope, helps keep me organized and my plate manageable by assisting with various internal and external processes.

Why Work With Us?

  • 1
    We’ll never BS you or set unrealistic expectations.
  • 2
    We won't try to sell you solutions that aren't a good fit for you.
  • 3
    We’ll fire ourselves before leading you towards bad results.
  • 4
    We take the quality of our work seriously.
  • 5
    Occasionally we’ll screw up, but we’ll always make it right.
  • 6
    We’re responsive, organized, and rarely miss a deadline.
  • 7
    We do everything we can to make your life simpler.
  • 8
    We’ll help you identify opportunities that pay off.
  • 9
    We value relationships, and have a long-term outlook. 


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