Ads Alliance Opens Tomorrow

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Dec 05

Ads Alliance opens tomorrow, for the first time ever.

After almost a full year of planning, procrastinating, cancelling a launch then starting over a few months ago, and then investing countless hours into creating the course content, the website, etc…

I’m finally going to be offering the world access to my processes, my templates, my methodology, and my course content.

It’s funny, because I’ve done this more times than I can count with clients.

In fact, I’m in the middle of two course launches for clients right now.

But it’s so different when it’s your own stuff.

A mixture of nerves and excitement.

If you’ve launched a course or a program before, you probably know exactly what I’m feeling right now!

Oh…the anticipation!

35 of you have joined the waitlist officially, with several more expressing interest and just not having put your names down.

Will you all sign-up this week?

What about the rest of you who have been opening my emails, reading my blogs, and clicking on the sales page.

Which of you will decide to take this journey with me in the next week?

I guess I’ll find out in the next week.

I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces inside the membership site and the slack community.

And I’m really looking forward to getting your feedback on the course materials.

One way or another, this is just the first step towards building something bigger in 2019 and beyond.

My mission is to create the #1 marketing resource and community for self-employed experts.

Real systems and strategies and in-depth training that is free from shiny objects.

And a community built on real transparency, with everyone collaborating together to cut the noise, cut the BS, and maximize results together.

Enough rambling….tomorrow I’ll send you the link to join.

I can’t wait.

See you inside…



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