Diversify Your Traffic With YouTube Ads in 2019

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Jan 08

Facebook has peaked as a traffic network and a social media platform (Cambridge Analytica scandal, anyone?)…

Don’t get me wrong, I still love it (as an Ads Network – not so much for personal use) but putting all of my eggs (or my client’s eggs for that matter) in one basket is not an approach I’m down with.

As such, I’ve been diligently studying and experimenting with other ad networks throughout 2018.

I toyed with some LinkedIn ads, explored Twitter a bit, have been taking courses on Native Ads, YouTube, and so forth.

I’m keeping a close eye on Reddit as well, which is actually one of the most visited websites on the planet, has a surprisingly affluent and educated user base, and could be an ad network to watch in 2019.

That said, the Co-Kings of the online ad landscape are still Facebook & Google.

With Facebook, you get to tap into Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and more…

With Google, you get to tap into Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and more…

Just between those sites, you can pretty much be everywhere that matters online, at all times.

And by diversifying your ad spend between two completely separate ad networks, you get a little more security in case one fails (for account suspension or any other reason).

With all of that said, my big biggest focus in this area at the moment is mastering YouTube advertising.

If your business sells coaching programs or online courses, the combination of YouTube Ads & Facebook Ads is a formidable one.

And lucky for me,I just kicked off a new gig with a rather large client helping them with their YouTube ads.

Furthermore, two of my current clients are preparing to step into YouTube Ads this year as well.

So plenty of learning will be happening.

And the benefit to you?

As usual, I’ll be documenting all of these processes for both Facebook Ads & YouTube Ads and adding them into the Ads Alliance course library on an ongoing basis.

The business planning and funnel strategy courses are already posted and available right now.

In January, I’ll be adding the required courses that cover tracking, analytics & KPIs (the stuff you need to setup before you start running ANY ads).

From then approximately every 2 weeks, I’ll be adding a new course, most of which will be in-depth training on Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads for the foreseeable future.

So get in now if you want to cover the basic groundwork and be ready in time to follow along as these new courses are released:



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