How a Rescue Dog’s 1 Year Transformation Serves as a Metaphor for Life & Business

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Dec 19

If you don’t know by now, we adopted a rescue dog from Thailand just over a year ago.

The first night I tried to take him for a walk, he tried to go sleep in a dirty alley behind our downtown condo.

He also got so terrified he sat down in traffic on busy Queen Street West in Toronto.

Frozen from fear.

He’d get so scared on walks he’d just shake.

It was difficult.

Really difficult.

But we stuck with it.

And eventually he started to come out of his shell.

He started to trust us.

Week-by-week, month-by-month he went from being a damaged doggo to a regular happy one.

Just last week, another breakthrough, he finally is comfortable hoping up on the couch and sitting in my lap.

What a difference from the shaky panicked dog he was just a year ago.

I’ve written other emails like this one.

It’s another metaphor using my dog.

I can’t help it, because everytime I look at the progress he’s made and how patient we’ve had to be I can’t help but think of my business.

The size of my email list that isn’t big enough.

The massive pipeline of big clients…

The huge membership site with hundreds if not thousands of members…

The feeling of increased security, the desire for flexibility to do more financially…

Perhaps most importantly the scheduling bandwidth to take more time off or spend more time away from working alone at home on my computer…

All daily and weekly frustrations, all things I want to happen quicker, much quicker!

And then I look at my dog and I remember the power of patience and persistence…

Stick with it.

Be patient.

It’ll happen.

Whatever you’re frustrated with right now in business or in life.

Just stick with it and be patient.

If a damaged street dog can transform his life in such a radical way.

I have no doubt you and I can make similar if not greater leaps.

Hope that inspires you for the day.


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