How to Buy “Visibility” in Perpetuity Using Profitable Paid Ads

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Feb 25

Ask most business owners who are in the early stages of advertising what their #1 challenge is and they’ll respond with “getting more visibility”.

This is a somewhat true, but mostly flawed diagnosis of what their issue actually is.

Getting more visibility online is as easy as buying more ads.

Spend money, get impressions, problem solved. Right? Wrong!

If you aren’t able to buy those impressions at a profit, then eventually the money will run out, and so will your visibility too!

The key to sustainable visibility is being able to buy an increasing amount of impressions profitably over the long term.

Part of which becomes possible by making scientifically valid optimization decisions.

The other part is all about buying the right impressions at the right stage of the customer journey to purchase.

You see, for any given market, there are usually customers who are ready to purchase:

  • Immediately or very soon
  • In the next few months
  • Sometime in the longer term future

Additionally, different prospects exhibit different purchasing behavior which means the time to purchase from their first encounter with your brand might vary between a day, a week, a month, or even a year!

Many businesses focus their advertising and marketing efforts on the first group only – those that purchase immediately or very soon.

This is a logical starting point because if a business can develop a profitable system by marketing to this segment, It’ll deliver the best cash flow possible since the time between the initial ad spend and revenue being generated is the shortest possible.

This allows for more rapid scaling. The faster you get your ad spend back (and thensome) the faster you can turn around and buy more ads in increasingly larger quantities to generate increasingly larger returns.

Fair enough, but when examining things deeper for most businesses, the bulk of their ads ROI can actually come from the medium and long term prospects.

By not having a full funnel in place that capitalizes on all stages of the buyer’s journey, a business could lose out on one to two thirds of potential ads ROI – sometimes more!

This represents a significant loss of potential profits and scaling opportunities.

So it’s important to have an ads strategy that generates visibility to drive short, medium and long term conversions.

Doing so will maximize ads ROI and allows a business to scale as rapidly as possible leading to more ROI, more sales, more profit…and more sustainable visibility that eventually positions that business as a true market leader!

Its a positive feedback loop that drives ever-increasing positive results.


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Over the past 6 years I’ve built dozens of websites, managed close to $1M in online ads, and helped shape the online marketing strategies of hundreds of small businesses.