Hustle Mode Vs Passive Income

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Dec 04

What type of entrepreneur are you?

2 of the most prevalent approaches today are the hustler types and the passive income crowd.

Who started these “movements”?

Who knows…

But they are now both promoted to death in various internet memes and respectively accepted as gospel by many.

And to me, they’re both pretty, well, dumb…


With “Hustle Mode”, you have the entrepreneur who has become totally addicted to their business to the point where they’ll sacrifice everything and anything just achieve any gain, no matter how incremental.

Morning workout? No time, “hustle mode”!

Eat healthy? No time, “hustle mode”!

Sleep? No time, “hustle mode”!

Saturday night spent with friends and family? No time, “hustle mode”!

Caring about anything or anyone besides your own business interests? No time, “hustle mode”!

Adrenal fatigue, depression, and burnout. Hell yes, “hustle mode”!!!

With “Passive Income”, you have the other extreme on the equilibrium, the entrepreneur whose goal is to create income through no effort. AKA someone who doesn’t want to show up in their business, and isn’t really interested in servicing their customers.

With “passive income”, you have someone who really has little to no passion for what they do, and therefore isn’t very fulfilled or motivated to continue.
Not to mention, passive income is a much more difficult to achieve than most make it seem.

Now, I’m not saying there’s never a time to roll up your sleeves and hustle hard to get things done, believe me, I’ve been there.

And I’m not saying that some level of passive or recurring income can’t exist in your business. (I just don’t think it should be as “passive” as some make it seem, not if you want to provide the best product and support possible for your customers.)

But what I am saying is, the truth lies somewhere in the middle:

It is absolutely possible to build a business that supports your health, well-being, allows time for personal relationships, leisure, having a personal life, a focus on contribution to your community, provides consistent revenue, and allows you to show up in your business and deliver exceptional results to your customers.

So if you’re caught in one extreme or the other, just know that, despite the internet memes, as an entrepreneur, you can create whatever type of business you want.

That’s the whole point of entrepreneurship, to pave your own road, instead of conforming to conventions.


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