Marketing Fundamentals Don’t Change: What You & $1M+ Businesses Have in Common

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Jan 09

If you’re selling a coaching program or online course, the fundamental marketing process is the same regardless if your business is new, if its a six-figure business, or if it has exceeded seven figures.

For January, I just brought on two new clients for my Ads Management service.

One whose business is in the early stages, another in the seven figures.

And guess what?  

When I compare these two new clients with two other multiple-six figure clients I’m currently working with, the process really doesn’t change all that much.

One business is selling a high ticket coaching program on the phone.

The other two are selling a course through a cart (no sales calls).

The other? a hybrid.

Three of the businesses are using Facebook Ads as the primary traffic source and one is using YouTube.

Again, although there are tactical differences, the fundamentals of the process doesn’t change that much if at all.

What’s more interesting, is the larger client I started working with this week, when I started to review their business and their strategy, it was easy for me to identify how they have checked all or most of the boxes I outlined in the Expert’s Roadmap (the process that the courses inside Ads Alliance follow).

Yes, these businesses have different sized teams, different sized ad budgets, some have way more existing brand assets, funnels, processes, etc, and results will vary greatly for each of them depending on what level they’re at…

But they’re all on the same journey.

And the same processes apply.

So no matter what stage you’re at, if you’re trying to get to the next one by improving your marketing, it’s all about following the process and making sure you aren’t missing any of the critical steps.

And that process is available for you today, inside Ads Alliance.

So check it out here if you want to get with the program:

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