Why You Should Take Every Aspirational Message From “Influencers” With a Grain of Salt

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Dec 20

The number of people who are out there selling the “dream” online is reaching a truly preposterous level.

You may have seen this before…

The cars, the beaches, massive income claims, and promises that it is all possible through a unicorn business where customers just throw money at you and you do little in return.

These people are preying on a desire that it is possible to get rich, quickly, and with little effort.

The irony of it all is that a lot of these “gurus” are broke as a joke, and still hustling their asses off for every penny they can by selling these “dream offers”, with the cars, travel and other exorbitant expenses all piling up as credit, unpaid taxes, etc…

Everything they do have is supported by selling you on the idea that what they have is possible.

But without you buying into the dream they are selling, there is no dream to sell.

The things I’ve witnessed “behind the scenes” would shock you.

The truth of the matter is that if you want a profitable business, one where you don’t sacrifice your integrity, or are constantly in an unsustainable loop supported by selling the dream to others and having to maintain a lie, it will require hard work and determination.

There is a multitude of resources out there that can help you maximize your chance of success by avoiding first-timer mistakes.

But there are no shortcuts that create overnight returns on investment.

If you doubt this, just do some research on AVG growth rates of businesses.

Hint: it’s not 10x or 100x per year.

And I can assure you that the guy or girl posting on their personal newsfeed that they have 2 or 4 exclusive spots left in their ultra-special consulting programs are not the magicians who have figured out how to defy those odds.

According to this article by Forbes, average revenue growth rate for a small business (any business at $5M annual revenue or under) in the U.S. (for 2015) was 7.8%.

That’s not 100x growth

It’s not 10x growth either.

In fact, it’s not even 2X!

7.8% annual revenue growth equates to less than 1.1X growth per YEAR!

Granted, if you’re a micro-business or solopreneur, it is definitely possible to outpace 7.8%.

Going from $80K per year to $120K per year might mean the difference of a few extra clients, yet it still represents a growth rate of 50% (still not even 2X).

But all of this talk about going building seven figures businesses, in the span of a few months or less is just pure nonsense.

That amount of scaling requires a heckuva lot more than just marketing!

The bottom line is that If it sounds too good to be true, it most definitely IS.

My best advice on how to filter through the BS?

Focus on surrounding yourself with people who act stable, balanced, and who demonstrate actual knowledge on a particular subject and show real proof of how that adds up to results.

Run in the other direction from those selling hype and results that outrageously defy the norms of what is well documented in business


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