Understanding the Science of Ads Optimization

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Feb 25

Do you feel confident in the way you (or your ads manager) optimize ads?

Or do you feel like maybe your approach is…less than scientific, to say the least.

Here’s the thing…

Ad campaigns and online marketing funnels are made up of a huge variety of variables and sub-variables.

There’s your offer; which includes things like the product, price, payment plans, discounts, bonuses, trials, guarantees, and more.

There’s your funnel; which includes things like lead magnets, landing pages, emails, messenger bots, and a variety of other content pieces and tools.

And there’s your ad campaigns; which include audiences, campaign types, campaign goals, ad copy, ad media, placements, and much more.

The way to find the most profitable (and scalable) ads system is to find the best possible combination of choices among all of these possible variables.

This means discovering the offer, the funnel, the ad campaigns and all of their applicable components that generate the best ROI.

The problem?

Most businesses don’t collect the right data or setup the right tests.

Or they don’t test the right things in the right sequence.

Even when they do, they often don’t run tests long enough to generate a statistically valid sample size before making decisions – which results in inaccurate conclusions.

Finally, most businesses don’t take notes on what has been tested so far and what the results were, which results in them chasing their tails, going round and round in circles, repeating the same or similar tests, making decisions too quickly, and not actually optimizing any results!

This is why it’s so important to have a clear process for testing and making decisions.

One that is step-by-step, week-by-week, month-by-month.

One that tests the right things, in the right sequences, and for long enough time periods to deliver statistically valid results that allow you to consistently eliminate the losers, find the winners, and increase your campaign results.

The difference in ROI and growth is night and day between a broken process, and a…scientific one.

It could mean the difference between developing a highly profitable and repeatable ads strategy or a campaign that loses money and needs to be turned off.

So how scientific is your optimization process?


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Over the past 6 years I’ve built dozens of websites, managed close to $1M in online ads, and helped shape the online marketing strategies of hundreds of small businesses.