When & Why You Should Use LinkedIn INSTEAD of Paid Ads

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Feb 11

Have you been hearing all of the buzz and hype about LinkedIn so far in 2019?

If not, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

It seems like LinkedIn is the big trend that so many people are talking about these days.

And with good reason…

I’m not a big LinkedIn user (soon to change) but a few years back, during a previous venture, I put together a system for connecting with prospects in my market and it worked quite well.

As much as competition has increased over the years, the amount of people actually using LinkedIn has increased as well.

If you’re selling B2B, it really is a gold mine for connecting with the right people.

In fact, if you’re a solopreneur who is primarily looking for 1-to-1 B2B clients then LinkedIn is where you should be focusing to your attention and resources, not Facebook or any other ad network.

The fact of the matter is that ads take time, they take money, and they’re more suitable for high volume sales of programs and courses then they are for finding 1-on-1 B2B clients.

Not to mention, if you’re just getting started and don’t have a lot of $$$ to invest in advertising, then LinkedIn can be the short term solution where you can rack up a lot of quick wins, and then expand your business with ads later…

So if this sounds like you, and you want to start using LinkedIn more effectively to find clients…

Then check out my buddy Mark’s free 26 minute profile review now:


He’s an absolute pro at this stuff and I promise it’ll be worth the watch.


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