White Label Ads For Agencies

We increase sales volume & ROAS of your clients’ existing evergreen funnels on Facebook, YouTube and other social media ad networks.


How It Works...

 Campaign Handover

Before you hand over a client’s ads account to us, we make sure to take the time to fully understand the funnel strategy, campaign history, KPIs, goals, and all other important details of the account. This ensures we have everything we need to execute a smooth transition that precludes any negative impact on the client’s account.

Goals, Tracking & Process Creation

We develop the required system for projecting and tracking your client’s KPIs on a weekly and monthly basis. We use these parameters to develop the process for how we will manage your client’s ads account in a way that maximizes success in hitting these KPIs.

Day-to-Day Management

We monitor the account for non-approved ads and handle all appeals and other delivery issues. We’ll develop a schedule for when you need to deliver new creative assets to us and we keep the ad accounts extremely organized with detailed notes, systematic outlines, and clear naming conventions.

Exhaustive Testing & Optimization 

We don’t just throw up a campaign and a few ad sets and let them ride. We’re constantly optimizing acquisition costs through exhaustive ad creative, placement, and audience tests. We outline all individual test variables and combinations of those variables. We then develop a schedule for testing each variable or combination of variables using statistically valid testing parameters and time periods. This allows us to achieve the highest level of ad optimization possible.

Systematic Scaling

We work with you to define monthly sales goals and budget ranges. We also define CPA and ROAS goals and use those as weekly and monthly milestones that help appropriately index our scaling pace to ad performance.. With all of these conditions accounted for, we develop a daily process to scale the best performing ads to maximize sales volume and ROAS.

Reporting, Analysis & Feedback

We’ll send you or your client a weekly ROI report every Monday to keep you in the loop on ads performance, scaling efforts, and sales totals. At the end of each month, we send out a final report with these numbers and our detailed funnel and ad performance optimization recommendations including how and when to expand to additional ad networks.

Responsive Communication

We’re available during regular business hours on Slack or via email. Need to talk? We keep 20 minute phone appointment slots open at various times three days per week. You can use our appointment software to book a time whenever you feel that you need a conversation rather than Slack or email.

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