Why You NEED Multiple Traffic Sources

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Feb 25

Do you have a paid traffic funnel that is generating profits for your business on a consistent basis?

If so, are you getting all of your traffic from one source…i.e. Facebook Ads?

Let me ask you…

What would happen if your performance got shaken up drastically tomorrow?

What would you do?

Not only would you be scrambling to fix your ad campaigns, you’d also likely have to figure out how to make payroll, continue to pay for services, and cover other expenses.

And if things got bad enough, you’d have to start cutting hours, letting people go, and terminating services that are essential to maintaining your business operations and marketing.

In short, a sudden negative change in ad performance could cause serious damage to your company if no contingencies were in place to either prevent or offset these negative changes.

Now if this sounds unlikely to you, I’d like to remind you of the many horror stories of businesses who nearly or actually went bankrupt due to Google search engine algorithm updates in the past.

A quick Google search will reveal many of them to you.

And this is just as much of a possibility with paid traffic.

For instance, most advertisers in the e-learning space rely heavily on Facebook Ads to drive traffic and sales.

But what if your Facebook Ads account got shut down tomorrow? Facebook reserves the right to do so, and has done so against many businesses.

Or what about a changing marketplace where user growth slows and the existing user base decreases time spent on Facebook significantly – something like what we’ve seen happen in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal during the 2016 U.S. election.

Finally, what about the rising ad costs that have taken place with Facebook Ads consistently over the recent years, year after year.

There are many risks in marketing, and specifically in paid advertising.

Some are unavoidable, others can be mitigated or eliminated entirely.

One way to reduce the risk of being at the mercy of a single ad network is to replicate your profitable advertising system across many ad networks.

Facebook ads is just one place you can make this work.

You can easily branch out into Instagram, YouTube, Google Display, or Twitter for starters.

And there’s even LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, and Native ads.

The more ad networks you can spread your ad spend around, the more you’ll insulate yourself from sudden changes that are out of your control.

It’s sort of like investing in the stock market.

The key is strategic diversification, you wouldn’t invest all in one stock, nor should you invest everything into just one ad network – at least, not over the long term. The risk is just too great.

So once you have a profitable ad system in place, focus on scaling it as much as possible but also take some time to diversify your ad networks.

You’ll mitigate risk greatly, and as an additional benefit, when you cultivate multiple ad networks, you’ll be able to create a more omni-channel experience, which can help increase the ROI of your collective efforts.

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