Why You Should NEVER Analyze Ads Based on ONE Day’s Performance

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Feb 13

A couple of weeks ago, inside an expert media buying mastermind I’m a part of, a Founder of a notable online marketing software made a post about day-to-day ads performance.

This guy is spending several thousand dollars per day on ads, and he remarked how some days things convert like wildfire, yet there are some days that just result in ZEROS across the board.

On those zero revenue days, he gets a little anxious and finicky.

Always checking to see if some tech is broken before moving on to over-thinking if today is the day his funnel is going to stop being profitable…

Anyways, he made a post about this issue, looking for feedback on whether or not he should worry about stuff like this.

When I saw his post, I replied with a story that it reminded me of…

A few months back on one client’s account we had a big sales drought.

They sell online courses, usually about 15-20 or so on through an evergreen funnel.

These results are pretty damn consistent, month-in and month out for awhile now.

Well…one month we had a span of, I think, almost 10 full days without a sale.

This happened COMPLETELY out of nowhere!

We checked to see what was going on, nothing was broken…

Leads were still coming in…

There was no obvious reason for the drop off in sales.

So we waited patiently…

Sure enough….things rebounded a few days later.

And by month’s end?

We hit our target number of sales, despite the big slump things evened out over the remaining weeks.

A few other experts weighed in as well.

Most validated my experience, with experiences of their own.

You see the thing is, in the world of sales, things are never 100% linear.

If you’re making 30 sales per month, you’re not going to make a sale every day.

You might have one day where you make 5 sales, then 6 days of no sales, then a day of 2 sales, then zero sales, then one, etc…

And when it comes to online ads, things are going to zig and zag even more wildly.

If your average cost per lead is $5, I can guarantee you that some days, you’re going to have a lot of variance on that average.

At the end of the week, at the end of month, things will even out.

So if you tend to get overly caught up in day-to-day results and If you want to stress yourself out less and put your mind at ease, implement a set reporting process.

Rather than obsessively checking your ad stats repeatedly throughout the day….

Adopt a weekly or even monthly reporting process.

Check your numbers at those set intervals, make observations and decisions based on valid sample sizes, and completely ignore the rest.


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