Why Your Business Doesn’t Need More “Visibility” Online

By James Vannelli | Uncategorized

Jan 15

Sometimes, when I ask people what their biggest challenge is in the Ads & Funnels Facebook Group, I get responses like this:

“I need to get more visibility online”

It’s an interesting response, and one that pops up quite frequently among entrepreneurs.

The thing is…it’s not true.

As much as its a common belief among entrepreneurs, your business doesn’t need more visibility.

And to take things a step further, getting more visibility, even if it was a truly worthwhile goal, would not be a challenge.

You want more visibility?

Setup a Facebook ads account, or a Google ads account, setup a campaign, spend a bit of money, and boom, you’ve got visibility!

In general, you can get 1000 impressions (visibility) from most audiences for around 20 bucks or so.

So if your goal in business is to get visibility, all you need to do is spend 20 bucks for every 1000 “views”.

Problem solved? Not exactly.

Visibility doesn’t pay the bills…

The real challenge is getting in front of the right people and persuading them toward your business.

If you can reach 1000 people for 20 bucks, and convince at least one of them to spend 20 bucks with your business, you can now afford to reach another 1000 people.

Reach 1000 people and convince two of them to spend 20 bucks? Now you can reach another 1000 people PLUS you’ve made 20 bucks profit.

Reach 1000 people and convince three of them to spend 20 bucks? Now you can reach another 2000 people (SCALE) PLUS you’ve made 20 bucks profit.

This is the core premise of paid marketing.

Pay for visibility, get your money back, make a profit, keep paying for incrementally more visibility and incrementally receiving more profit.

The big challenge?

Turning your paid visibility into a break-even or above outcome.

That’s where the right ads and funnel strategies come into play.

Makes sense? Right? Good!

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